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Important Guest Information


Dress Code

What is the dress code at Mediterra?
  • Cargo Pants and/or Shorts with external pockets as well as tee shirts and flip flop sandals are not permitted.
  • Proper Golf and Tennis attire is permissible for day dining. Shirts must be tucked in unless designed to be untucked such as Tommy Bahama shirts. Pristine denim without flaws, through wear or design, are permitted.
  • Gentlemen shall remove their hats when under cover.


Form of payment

Does The Club at Mediterra accept cash?
No. Guest Fees, Merchandise Purchases, and any Food & Beverage Charges may be taken care of with a major credit card - Mediterra is a cashless Club.


Does the Club at Mediterra permit tipping?
No. The Club at Mediterra is a "non-tipping" facility with the exception of Valet and Beach Cabana Service.

Mobile Devices

What is the cell phone policy at The Club at Mediterra?
The audible use of mobile devices is not permitted in any public area at The Club. If you must have your mobile device with you, please remember to set it to the silent mode. During inclement weather, you may make or take a call in a Locker Facility.


Important Golf Guests Information...


Pace of Play

What are the Pace of Play Golden Rules?
  • Arrive to the starter at least 5 minute in advance of your tee time ready to play.
  • Play ready golf at all times.
  • Score at the following tee box.
  • Take note of your time par on the GPS monitor and react accordingly.
  • All foursome groups should play in 4 hours or less.
  • Please adhere to all Ranger instructions.

When should I check in for my tee time?

We encourage you and your party to check in at the Pro Shop at least 30 minutes in advance of your tee time. If you have to adjust your tee time, please contact the Pro Shop at 239-254-3030 at your earliest convenience.

Where do I change my shoes?

All Golfers shall change their shoes in the Club Locker Room facilities.